$10 for 3ds Max + V-Ray + Unreal Engine 4 & Photoshop courses online

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It is spring time, which is a great time to start fresh.  Here in my neck of the woods it has been a great winter, full of snow and fantastic skiing, but it has also been long, and dark, and cold.  It’s time to get motivated again and start learning!

only 10 coupons per course

I want to jump start your learning process by giving away all of my courses at the ridiculous price of $10, but only for a select few.  This time, only 10 coupons per course, so get ’em quick.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

Click any of the courses below to see if coupons are still available:

  1. (NEW) Drones and Arch Viz: Compositing 3D With Your Live Footage – This course is off to a great start with 577 students already!  Get your coupon now and become one of the lucky ones to learn how to leverage Adobe After Effects to make awesome animations composited with live footage. Link : https://bit.ly/2piBz2R.
  2. 3ds Max: Complete Intro to 3d Graphics Using 3ds Max – Link : https://bit.ly/2piF7C2
  3. 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs – Link : https://bit.ly/2p3wiiO
  4. 3ds Max + Unreal Engine 4: Easy Real Time for Arch Viz – Link : https://bit.ly/2p3vfz9
  5. 3ds Max + V-Ray: PRO material workflow – Link : https://bit.ly/2p3woXr
  6. 3ds Max Advanced Modeling – Link : https://bit.ly/2p3zD1a
  7. Photoshop: Learn Photoshop for 3d Rendering – Link : https://bit.ly/2pisLtA
  8. Photoshop: Learn the Basics of Digital Painting – Link : https://bit.ly/2piW8vN
  9. Photoshop CC: Learn The Basics of Photoshop in Just 2 hrs – Link : https://bit.ly/2p3gD2O

It’s a great lineup!

**Grab as many as you can now, save them for later if you need to (lifetime access guaranteed).

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