10$ for Build Virtual Reality Games for Android and iPhone course

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I’ve been making Virtual Reality games for a while now using Unity for iPhone and Android. A few weeks ago I was approached by a company that needed my VR services. You won’t believe what type of company this was!?

It was an architecture contracting company that creates huge home resorts and they need to showcase their future home selection using Virtual Reality! Isn’t it amazing?

This makes total sense.

By the way, the components I’m using to navigate within the virtual reality app is derived from the project included within the course i offer on Udemy.

I strongly suggest you learn how to develop VR apps, and why not go all the way and publish them for iOS and Android.

Here is the best possible discount to access my 5-star VR course: use coupon code VIRTUA945 to get the course for only $10 instead of $200 (95% OFF)

Course: Build Virtual Reality Games for Android and iPhone


(offer expires in 72 hours, 100 coupons max)

Here are a few more screenshots.


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