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The Foundations of Computer Design – 95% Off

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Hi Everyone, I have released a new course! Together with Brian Scotto I bring you The Foundation of Computer Design. This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about how computers work, which is something that YOU MUST understand!

The Foundations of Computer Design

Most of my work has been done in the back-end so during the course you will be instructed by Brian, but I am also there to answer all of your questions and help mentor you!

Check out the new course by clicking here! – 95% Off!


For the rest of my courses that are listed below I am only allowing 10 enrollments per course. This email is going to over 43,000 students so if you want access to one of my courses now is your chance!

The reason behind this is not to prevent anyone from enrolling, but the lower enrollment numbers allow me to provide a better mentoring experience to all of the students who join my courses.

Here are the rest of my courses discounted down to only $10!

Windows Server 2016 System Administration for Beginners – 95% Off!


Active Directory & Group Policy 2012 Lab – 95% Off!


Windows Server 2012 System Administration: Get an IT Job! – 95% Off!


Windows Deployment Services: Build Your Server From Scratch – 93% Off!


IT Help Desk Professional – 95% Off!


Host Your Own Web Development Lab – 93% Off!


Introduction to Windows Server 2012 & Linux for Beginners – 100% Free


How to Make an Awesome Udemy Course: Unofficial Guide – 95% Off!


Kali Linux Hacking Lab for Beginners – 78% Off!


If you are enrolled in any of the courses below I ask that you please take a minute to leave a review! It only takes about 30 seconds and a few steps to complete:

Step 1) All you need to do is click on one of the following courses in which you have enrolled:

Step 2) Click on the stars at the top of the course dashboard (please do 5 stars if you liked the course and comment why!). Thank you all for supporting me as a Udemy instructor and have a great week!


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