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Learn FreeRTOS Programming : Arduino,STM32 Step by Step

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You may be knowing that last month i released a new course on RTOS programming . The Course is all about Porting/Programming FreeRTOS on various hardware like Arduino, STM32fx boards and even you can apply this course to any board which is based on ARM Cortex M based processor.

Mastering RTOS: Hands on with FreeRTOS, Arduino and STM32Fx

I take you through STEP-BY-STEP procedure in understanding all the architecture specific code related to FreeRTOS , so that you can port this little kernel to any hardware you have at your hand which runs on ARM Cortex M based processor. Its really fun , Try it !

Key things you will learn in this course are 

1) Porting FreeRTOS to ARM Cortex M based MCUs like Arduino Due and STM32Fx

2) Understanding FreeRTOS Tasks creation , deletion, scheduling

3) Synchronization between interrupts and Tasks

4) Semaphores(Counting and binary ), Mutex with code examples

5) Debugging FreeRTOS application using Percepio Tracealyzer software

6) Understanding context switching code by PendSV handler step by step

7) Understating Kernel tick timer, Kernel Tick ISR implementation, etc

8) FreeRTOS delay APIs

9) Using powerful Atmel Studio 7 IDE for Arduino , FreeRTOS on KEIL, ECLIPSE etc.

and much more.

The course is about ~12.5 Hrs of video contents and 24 Articles , and if you enroll today you can get everything for just $12 and there are only 10 coupons left . Click the below link to apply coupon

►► https://bit.ly/2p4bx6j (4.4 ★★★★★ (62 ratings) & 638 students enrolled)

If you are not sure whether this course is appropriate for you, remember that you have 30 days during which you can request a no-questions-asked refund. So, at the end you have nothing to lose.

I look forward to learning with you and please send me message if you have any doubts to be clarified.

Kiran Nayak

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