Make a Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Site [Only $10]

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How’s it going? For the end of July I’ve decided to a run a special deal..This is only available from now till July 31st on my Amazon Affiliate course.

  • Use the coupon ‘JULYAMZ‘ and get my course for just $10!
  • https://www.udemy.com/passive-income-amazon-affiliate-store/?couponCode=JULYAMZ

I walk you through the exact step by step process of building a passive income website that earns money every month with the Amazon affiliate program!

How To Make a WordPress WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Store

Check out what students are saying about this course:

“Found this just as I started work on an Amazon site.

Really useful advice on how to set up shop. I’m implementing now and honestly, that alone will save me the next few days of my life at this point in my project.

That’s worth the price of entry alone.

But the course has a lot more to give: outsourcing tips, sensible approach to promotion.

Also heaps of stuff on FBA and other things beyond Amazon affiliate that held no interest and I thought weren’t really for me, but I can now see offer a lot of potential for growth of my store down the line.

Great stuff. I also appreciate the straight up approach here.

No typical marketers fluff, filler, hype or BS. Just laying out what seems solid advice and an action plan that will get you up and running in short order. 

You know the course is solid, as John walks through the set up of one of his sites,

which is a cut above the usual robo-Azon affiliate spam site. Maybe the title shouldn’t emphasis passive income so much, as its some work to get up and running.

Even outsourcing leaves the hassle of managing workers, as we all know.

Of course, you can keep it passive, but consumers are more savvy than they’ve ever been. So i’d suggest getting into this with a view to build out and up: in which case the the slog begins.”

-Paul Andrews

“Start off gently as an as an Amazon Affiliate and then transition into your own eCommerce juggernaut.

John will show you how it’s done and demonstrate the software that makes it possible, easy and profitable.”

-Dr. Phillips

“This course is way more than just about Amazon Affiliates. Anyone starting an online business will also benefit from this course there is so much information in here and very useful information.

John does a great job keeping you engaged in what he has to say, he’s very knowledgeable and shows proof that he knows his stuff! Thanks for a great course John.”

-S Howard

“I’ve used WordPress for years so when I saw this course focused on the WooCommerce plugin I decided to give it a shot.

It really is a comprehensive course covering everything you need to know about starting your own Amazon affiliate store.”

-Glen Thonis

“I’m very happy to have subscribed and this is a perfect course if you want to setup your own ecommerce store.

John is an expert and his advises are very practical and easy to follow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and i have already started implementing them into my own business.”

-Hussain Ahmed

Enroll in the course here for only $10!

This offer ends July 31st at midnight!

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