New course & Last Reminder & Free Spanish course

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We hope that you are having a great day! We have several things to update you on! We have been busy but having fun in the process.

  • First, we are excited to be announcing our new course Avoid Burnout and Prevent Stress!
  • We are also making our flagship course Quantum Leap Your Business in 6 Weeks PRIVATE, so it is literally the last change if you are interested.
  • Also, this is the last 48 hours of our promo for Life Story Coach Certification and Rewrite Your Life Story Script and Transform Your Life.
  • As a final note, we are also launching our first SPANISH course Life Coach: Descubra el Propósito de su Vida and we are giving you free access!

For more information on all of the above, see below:

NEW course! Avoid Burnout and Prevent Stress

Quick and simple tools and tips for avoiding burnout, setting boundaries, creating work life balance & stress management

For the first 50 students $10:


The next 100 students $15:


Literally, this is the last chance to enroll in one of our BEST and most popular courses—Quantum Leap Your Business in 6 Weeks.

As mention before, this is a “big ticket” ($597) program on our own website and we only make it available at a HUGE discount through Udemy a few times a year. Keep in mind that if you purchase the course you will STILL HAVE full access even once we make it private. It just won’t be visible or available to anyone who is NOT registered for the course in the Udemy platform.  

In this course we give you the step-by-step process that we have used to start multiple business from scratch and had them thriving in less than six weeks. If you are interested in quantum leaping your business or take your idea to the next level, take advantage and join us before we make it private.

To learn more and get it fort only $15 go to:


Last 48 hours of the promo for our new “life story” courses:

Life Story Coach Certification


Rewrite Your Life Story Script and Transform Your Life:


New Spanish Course!

We are also excited to announce that we translated our Discover Your Life Purpose course to Spanish. So, if you are a Spanish speaker and want free access to the course, check it out below:

Life Coach: Descubra el Propósito de su Vida:


With Gratitude,

Joeel and Natalie

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