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Dear Students, I am so happy I managed to get these 2 courses just in time for EASTER! I am launching this at $10 so that all of you can get the new courses at the super low price.

Hand Coordination

Learn how to play in a flowing manner:

1.  Click to Get:  He Is Lord – C Key & Bb Key : https://bit.ly/2p2toKS

2.  Click to Get:  Because He Lives – C Key & Bb Key : https://bit.ly/2p2qdTF

For those who had not had a chance to get the previous courses on Hand Coordination, I will activate the $10 coupons so that you can get them at $10 also over the weekend.


Link all course : https://bit.ly/2p2k0He

Use Udemy code : 10ROSA2017 for all courses.

  • #1 Piano Hand Coordination: Play Eb Key in Ballad songs
  • #2 Piano Hand Coordination: Play LH Ballad in C & F Keys
  • #3 Piano Hand Coordination: Play Fun 5 Beautiful Variations of Ballad
  • #4 Piano Hand Coordination: Fun Piano Runs in 2 Beats in C Key Song
  • #5 Piano Hand Coordination: Play Piano Runs in 2 Beats in Eb Key
  • #6 Piano Hand Coordination: Play Open 10th Ballad to 9/4 Song
  • #7 Piano Hand Coordination: Piano Runs in 3 Beats in 9/4 Songs
  • #8  Piano Hand Coordination: Learn Piano Dance in 3 Beats

Master Class:  Learn how to Dress Up A Boring Song to a Dynamic Rendition

Enjoy also these popular series with $10 Coupons activated:

LEARN PIANO – Harmonize Away in a Manger in Different Levels

Use udemy code : 10Rosa2016 for all courses.

  • Learn Piano Master Class 11:  70+ Piano Techniques with Rosa’s Secret Tips & Handshapes
  • Learn Piano 1 – Basic Music Theory & 14 RIGHT Hand Improvisation Tips
  • Learn PIano 2 – Left Hand Ballad styles & variations
  • Learn Piano 3 – Harmonize songs with Minor Chords
  • Learn Piano 4 – Use Circle of 5ths to harmonize a song
  • Learn Piano 5 – Use Secondary Dominants
  • Learn Piano 6 – Use 7b9 to create jazzy cocktail sound
  • Learn Piano 7 – Put in dramatic Diminished 7 Chords
  • Learn Piano 8 – Augmented Chord Sub + Ethereal whole tone runs
  • Learn Piano 9 – Suspended Chords + Beautiful Runs for Intro
  • Learn Piano 10 – Add Tritone Chords to Create Jazzy sounds & 1/2 Step Bass Lines

READ MUSIC NOTES FAST – Rosa’s Note Attack Method

Use udemy code : 10Rosa2016 for all courses.

  • Starter’s Course – Fun Music Speed Test
  • Read Music Note Fast 1 – Rosa’s Note Attack Method
  • Read Music Note Fast 2 – Read 22 Music notes with Note Attack Method
  • Read Music Note Fast 3 – Drill on Treble Clef notes
  • Read Music Note Fast 4 – Drill on Bass Clef notes
  • Read Music Note Fast 5 – Drill on both Treble & Bass Clef Notes


Use udemy code : 10Rosa2016 for all courses.

    • Make your own Fun DIY Circle of 5ths
    • Circle of 5ths Level 1:  Secret Tips Revealed
    • Circle of 5ths Level 2:  Dominant 7 Chords & Tritone Substitutions
    • Circle of 5ths Level 3:  Compose your First Song using Pentatonic Scales

Have a HAPPY Easter,


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